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Crown Builders and Developers was founded by Mr. Mike Vala a well-respected builder and a member of "Home Builders Association" of the triangle area. It is their mission to keep their clients satisfied about their purchased home. They strive to provide their clients with dream homes that will fit their lifestyle and needs. It is also their goal to build homes that will preserve the value of their clients' investment for the future.

Crown Builders and Developers build custom-designed homes as well as a full range of commercial and renovation projects. Their main emphasis is on providing superior service to their clients at each stage of the process. Their expertise, integrity and professional conduct have kept them at a high standing among their peers in the triangle community.

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 Did you know

You can buy a home in U.S. even if you are not a US citizen. A permanent resident alien who has valid USCIS card or a "Green Card" + Social Security number can avail of loans. A temporary resident alien with valid work permit, steady employment; Social Security number and uninterrupted residence in US for at least 2 years can buy a house. Those without residency status, but earning and paying tax in United States can use their "ITIN" number and have 2 year employment history and 3 year employment future can buy a house.

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